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February 11, 2010


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Tips & Tricks & It

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 11, 2010, 8:12 AM
Please read the-suns-moon's comments here:… for additional information, and corrections to certain tips I've mentioned below. :)
*end update*

Tips & Tricks


:bulletblack: In the tag line of your works, include the following things: dA, The, Link, System, deviants, exposure, art, community, faves, Watchers, comment, box.

Plus, you'll put in the tag words relating to your piece of work of course eg. sunset, beach, sand, etc.

Anything else you can think of related to TLS, go for it!

:bulletblack: Add tag words relating to the piece you've Linked TO as well. Even if both photos are of sunsets, yours might be captured from a beach, while the other might be taken from a bridge and include a cityscape. Include 'cityscape', 'bridge' etc., as tag words as well.

:bulletblack: Ever had a photograph that could be a landscape or a skyscape? Say you categorize it under 'landscape'. Add 'skyscape' to the tags as well!

:bulletblack: If you've Linked to a piece from a different category, make sure you put the Linked category as a tag word. Photo of lovers walking on the beach [with a sunset :roll:], Linked to a poem of lovers remembering a walk on the beach [with a sunset :roll:]... put in 'poem' as well. And 'sunset'. *sigh*

:bulletblack: Add EVERYTHING!! If the photo has a single cloud, put in 'cloud'. It's got a yacht? Add 'yacht', 'boat', 'ship', etc.

:bulletblack: Ok, an under-handed one! Regarding photographs, put  'HDR' in the tag line of any and every photo. People look for 'HDR' photographs all the time. Yeah, I know. So? :paranoid:

:bulletblack: I'm not kidding when I mention the capital 'L' in 'Linked'! 'You have been Linked: etc., etc.' Why?

a) It stands out from just 'linked', which is everywhere.

b) More importantly, 'Linked' in the tag line remember? :)

Ok, I've seen this going around quite a bit in the Linkee's comments:

'You have been Linked: etc. Come check out more about The Link System at dALinkSystem'

Or some variant of that.

You're sweet for doing that. :hug: It makes me feel warm that you'd take the few extra steps to put that in there. :hug:

But you're probably :censored:ing us up a bit!!

Ever read anything like this?

'You have been featured HERE. Fave the Article so that more people can see you and check out [insert Group name] for more exposure!'

The minute I read that I think of an overweight car salesperson with a huge smile and a massive thumbsup!

Bottom line: the chances of a person checking that Link out are a lot lower because of blatant plugging.

Remember, once they DO check out the Link, they'll see our avatar and their work there, too. THAT has a greater chance of making an impact.

Think about the times you've gotten a response to a thanks like this:

'Not a problem. It's a beautiful piece of work. Please feel free to come look at my gallery.'


'You have been Linked: [insert url].'

Short and effective, not to mention it takes up less of your time. Obviously, add comments about the piece if you want. Just don't mention TLS. Use the capital 'L' though! :lol:

Obviously, not all this stuff is 100%. But it helps more than you think.

Proof that might suggest so, you ask?

tracteurrouge is basically the Linking Olympiad, and Gold Medalist! She's prolific, and Links like crazy. Others up there would be HDRenesys, gold-rose, serel, and a lot of others I'm not including just because that's enough for the sake of this crazy experiment. Oh, I tend to Link too. :B

When TLS first started, it was primarily about photography. So:

1. Type in 'The Link System' in the main dA search engine.
2. Click on the ' photography' category.
3. Look at the results. [photographs, artists etc.]

You'll notice something special about the first few pages. Check out the art, the artists, etc. :|

Yeah, the Olympiad tends to use 90% of those tips and tricks up there. ;)

Finally, mentioning dALinkSystem in your Sig will always help!

That's all I can think of right now. I'll add more as I remember or find out. Let us know if you see something that helps awright?

Happy helping, happy tagging and happy Linking. Enjoy it!

About It

Why is he writing this part since they’ve already got a manual and video tutorials?

Because this section will discuss things those things don’t. Simple. :shrug: Is it crucial for you to read this? Heck no. Will it do something if you read it? I hope so. I hope you’ll understand more about why it’s worthy. And I really hope you’ll realize why this is a good thing for many.

So in January 2009, I uploaded over 150 pieces on the same day I believe! I kept seeing them getting fave’d and thought, ‘Wow, I knew it. I’m a really stand out artist man’. Over 70 bloody people looked at some of my photos! Almost 15 of them even gave me some gold star for like, the majority of my stuff. ‘Look at how they’re munching this up’. :B

Then I saw a photograph of a tree. That’s it. A bloody tree in the center of a square frame. Saturated to the point where bats would go blind if they looked at it. Over 600 people had looked at it and 250 had fave’d it. It had been submitted about 3 seconds ago! :) ‘WHAT THE HELL?’ ‘Amazing’? ‘Unbelievable work’? ‘Incredible as always’? ‘Love the composition’? ‘It was in the middle of a :censored:ing square man’! And on and on and on. Then I saw some sunset photos. :iconfacepalmplz:

Any of you felt like that when you started? What about now?

Next, I saw a photograph of a sunset, almost in sepia. :? It was deliberately a little dirty, taken from a strange angle and presented well. I loved it. About 12 view and 2 faves. Some 18 year old Romanian boy. That isn’t right, and here’s where we can help. We want to expose our work right? We can also help that kid, in 5 minutes! It’s not like most of us aren’t on dA an hour or two a day anyway. ;) So throw in a thumbcode of one of your devs in the artists comment. And then throw in the thumbcode of the kid’s piece too.

Might as well be helping someone while we’re pimping right? Better than not helping someone at all.

That’s one of the reasons to Link! If you’re going to advertize, or ‘pimp it’ as it’s referred to now, why not help someone else too. So that’s why I first started. I told a couple of people and they thought it was a pretty cool idea. They started Linking.

We’re artists, and part of an art community. Upload frequently, Link frequently. I know people going back into their galleries to Link existing pieces. I’ve seen people with 3 of their pieces in their comment boxes, and 3 other deviations by other deviants! I ended up ‘pimping’ myself, some poor kid and I found a really cool piece of art. That’s the idea. And it’s a win/win situation. 5 weeks and I saw these results.

Try it. It doesn’t take much.

Here’re some resources for you. Video will obviously be more helpful.

dALinkSystem User's Manual by dALinkSystem dALinkSystem How to Link Tut. by dALinkSystem


1) You can share 2 LINKED deviations per WEEK.
2) Go to the Gallery, pick the appropriate category, and press the + sign at the right of the bar.

Hope this little entry gave you a slightly more insightful, maybe persuasive and ultimately helpful look at what the Link System is about. :)

A. a.k.a. TheFulkrum

Kathy a.k.a. Echostar08

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EroticNudeWallpapers Aug 19, 2012
kleinir Nov 19, 2010  Student General Artist
oh my.. so much to do, so little time!
And man, that thing of popularity surely annoys me! Hell, I hate it.
Unfortunately that's something I crave for, success obviously. If I want to be an artist for life, I have to know how to make money out of it. My body doesn't digests well gouaches or pens. --' so dA is a good training to know how it works! and the link system is awesome to, while seeing how it works, make it worth! Helping little ones like myself. ;D

JUST passion and live the street


passion, horrid sacrifices and get some food on the table

Agree with you 100%! Shame isn't it. Meanwhile 'helping' is good, so agree with you there too! :)
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
kleinir Nov 21, 2010  Student General Artist
I'm not too fond of those two options, but I guess you got it right.
Something worth watching btw: [link]
bookmarked it...

awesome and DEFINITELY hits home about certain things ;)

kleinir Nov 21, 2010  Student General Artist
You're welcome. It's a little treasure (:
ig0706 Aug 17, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
I saw the dALinkSystem stamp in someone's journal so that is how I came here. This seems to be a very good thing to do except for:
:bulletblack: Ok, an under-handed one! Regarding photographs, put 'HDR' in the tag line of any and every photo. People look for 'HDR' photographs all the time. Yeah, I know. So? :paranoid:

If a photo isn't HDR, why put HDR just because many people look for those type of photos? I search for HDR photos sometimes to ask for tips but what if that photo wasn't HDR? That would be annoying.
You're absolutely right. But that's a somewhat PERSONAL under-handed one. It was back when I really cared a LOT about my numbers. Now its different.

Now I care about the Link System's idea. I don't tag 'HDR'

BUT, I DO tag 'The Link System' in my line.

Want to see the results?

1. Click Photography on the main dA search engine.
2. Type in 'The Link System'
3. I checked. The first FOUR pages at least are filled with photos of Linkers and even 'Linkees'!:)

No joke. ;) I helped them. And I got some of my stuff up there. And some of the stuff I found by others was awesome. Goals achieved!

But you're right, that used to be my personal under-handed 'trick'.

Welcome. :)

ig0706 Aug 19, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer counts right? if we link to our own art AND someone else's? ;)
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